• Name: G.O
  • Age: 48
  • Country: KOREA

G.O is a very dedicated and hard working sculptor coming to the BWFC straight from South Korea. He is hoping his young Son Goku will win over the fans and bring him the title.



How do you feel about participating in the BANPRESTO WORLD FIGURE COLOSSEUM 2018?

It reminds me of the Son Goku figure I made for the very first time. I like making things that I personally want to make. I will remember those feelings and enjoy sculpting this time too.

Of all the art forms, why did you pick sculpting or become a sculptor?

I saw the sculpt of the Fist of the North Star series which were made by a Japanese sculptor by chance, then I got a feeling that I wanted to be like him - someone who can create such cool things. That is why I started sculpting.

How do you feel about the franchise for which you selected?

Dragon Ball is still loved by people all over the world. Therefore, I feel like it is so far away from me at the same time. But at least I can try my best in unfathomable way to be stronger kind of like how Son Goku does. Then my sculpting will get closer to him.

Tell us the reason why you chose the character you did. (And why did you pose it that way?)

The reason I chose Son Goku is because I thought I could express myself through him. Son Goku is training for a Martial Arts competition and I am training for the BWFC.

What makes your style of sculpting unique?

His facial expression and his motion.

If you were a Dragon Ball character who would you be? And why?

Kid Goku. There are many dissimilar parts but his constant efforts to be stronger are what I want to be similar. That is because I think that part is needed for not only me but also for sculpting.

How do you feel about the other contestants?

I think the reasons which we have been working as sculptors are all different but for this competition, we are seem to be great competitors as well as family so that we can enjoy working.

Is there anything you like to say to your fans?

I have no idea if I have fans or not though, I would appreciate if I do. I will work really hard till when my hands cannot stop shaking.