• Age: 52
  • Country: JAPAN

Hiroyuki Nakazawa is a veteran sculptor hailing from Japan with not only over 20 years of sculpting experience behind him, but several BWFC titles as well! How will he leave his own mark on the most classic of all Dragon Ball Z characters – Goku?



How do you feel about participating in the BANPRESTO WORLD FIGURE COLOSSEUM 2018?

Every time I participate, I decide what kind of motivation I’ll have. Last time, I focused on showing my molding skills as a professional, and for success in the event. This time, I’m participating to show what I really want to make.

Of all the art forms, why did you pick sculpting or become a sculptor?

I started to make figures when I was 18, and had been making model kits for companies such as Kotobukiya and Kaiyodo, until I was 25. At that time, PVC figures did not exist in the market, so when I look back, I think my skill level back then was amateur. After that, I had worked for a video production company, but I quit there and started working as a professional model sculptor by myself. I would say my career as a professional began then. PVC figures were gradually becoming popular in those days, and my previous colleague told me that model sculptors can make good money. I think that was the opportunity for me to start molding as a professional.

How do you feel about the franchise for which you selected?

I’m so attracted by Akira Toriyama’s expression of his concept , designs of mechanism, and fashion. Of course the stories are great, but as a model sculptor, my enthusiasm for molding is stimulated by all of his designs. Not only Dragon Ball series, but all of his works help inspire me.

Tell us the reason why you chose the character you did. (And why did you pose it that way?)

This design of Goku running up with a U.S. military motorcycle, is from the illustration drawn by Akira Toriyama, I think most people won’t be familiar with this concept, since it never appeared in the story, and we can only see it in his art collection book. Actually, I came up with this concept at the fourth BWFC competition. I choose Bulma at that time. I concealed this idea, because of the regulation, but now I finally get a chance to reveal it.

What makes your style of sculpting unique?

To help in my making of this style, I’ve collected many kinds of replica equipment, such as military jackets, helmets, canteens, belts etc. So, please pay attention for the detailed designs.

If you were a Dragon Ball character who would you be? And why?

As a model sculptor, I think I woud be Goku or Majin Buu. I can absorb someone’s expression of molding, without being caught up in my pride. So I think I would be a Goku who wears a battle jacket without protesting, or Majin Buu who becomes stronger with absorbing power of other’s.
Who I’m looking up is Kamesennin (Master Roshi) I want to spend the rest of my life in southern desert island.

How do you feel about the other contestants?

I’m always excited to see how the participants who will be joining this competition for the first time will show their expression of molding.

Is there anything you like to say to your fans?

I heard that people was wondering about my choice of last time, why I made a Super Saiyan. I take that as a lesson. I think they are saying that my style I have shown during the past four competitions was my best. I was so glad to hear that. In these years, I’ve been concealing the molding concept which I really wanted to try, for some reasons. Though I know the definition of professional is to distinguish between what you want, what you show, and how to respond it. So far I have included Goku in the Aloha style at the first competition, Goku with a canteen for the third one, and this year's concept. I’ll be facing this figure Colosseum with my full power, so please look forward to see it!!