• Name: LEE DOO YEON
  • Age: 26
  • Country: KOREA

A Korean BWFC first timer, Lee Doo Yeon is aiming to bring home the championship! He may be relatively new to the world of sculpting compared to some of his competition, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at his take on Lord Frieza’s terrifying second form.



How do you feel about participating in the BANPRESTO WORLD FIGURE COLOSSEUM 2018?

I am a kind of newcomer as a sculptor so it is such a honor to be able to participate in this great competition. I am very excited about competing with the sculpting masters whom I have a connection with on SNS. Also, I am excited to experience their work. I saw a lot of their works exhibited in Comic-Con, Jump Festa, and other festivals through SNS. Since then, I have always dreamed about being part of it all. I am really glad that my dream came true. I will do my best with all of my passion like when Son Goku (or Krillin) participated in the martial arts tournament and I will show you my great work which I hope is suitable for BWFC.

Of all the art forms, why did you pick sculpting or become a sculptor?

I have loved making things since I was a kid, and I had a hobby which was making characters with clay. And this made me choose sculpting as major in a university. In 2017, I had started working as a sculptor and I released my painting figures for the first time. About sculpting, there are hard moments but I could enjoy and bare it, I have never regretted my choice to became a sculptor. I am still young and it is just a beginning of my career. However, I have devoted my life to sculpting. And I am here for the BWFC and this is once in a lifetime chance. So I will try my best and keep working hard to create the coolest sculpting.

How do you feel about the franchise for which you selected?

Dragon Ball is a pioneer of shonen manga and it is like a textbook to us. Although Dragon Ball was released before I was born, it is loved by people of all ages and made up a lot of my childhood memories. I reread the manga after I grew up and I was impressed with the originality of characters, the reality of the action speed and battle scenes. And that made me become a core fan. I can’t believe my work from this legendary series is going to be commercialized .

Tell us the reason why you chose the character you did. (And why did you pose it that way?)

I think Frieza is one of the villains which Mr. Toriyama concentrated his effort on both the design and the personality. He is my favorite boss villain. I have wanted to sculpt the second form of Frieza for a long time and it will be a little different from everyone’s image of it but I will try to make it look huge, powerful, and strong. About the pose I chose, I got the idea from the moment when Frieza punched young Gohan without any compassion and scattered Gohan’s hair.

What makes your style of sculpting unique?

If I would describe my second form Frieza in one word, it would be "Emperor-of-the-Universe-and-he-has-unstoppable-powers-and-he-enjoys-slaughter." I would like to express the atmosphere which made people scared after his transformation so I am particular about his pose and expression so that you cannot imagine what is going to happen next. Along with his forehead, chest, and shoulder, I would like to add some strange details which are alien-like to his transparent parts. The key element of this work is his tail so I will make it more gigantic and dynamic, so you can enjoy my sculpting from various angles. I will try my best to keep my focus up to the end!

If you were a Dragon Ball or One Piece character who would you be? And why?

Participating in BWFC is like the feeling that I became young Son Goku. Like he is trying to be strong, my blazing passion is also currently progress. My feeling is like young Goku, trained by Kamesennin (Master Roshi) and God. Thanks to my wonderful masters and supporters, they made me become a sculptor today. Compare with the other worldwide participants, I still have a long way to go, but I am super excited about competing with them together here in BWFC.

How do you feel about the other contestants?

I feel like I am watching the all-star championship. About all the Japanese sculptors, they have experiences winning the title more than once, and they are experts for sculpting of animation figures. I have been collected their sculpting series for a long time.

Moreover, about Erick Sosa and Raul, I was surprised when I saw their works on Instagram. I am excited about communication with people who I admire. This is the marvelous competition and I can’t wait to see all the masters!

Is there anything you like to say to your fans?

I don’t have fans because I just made a debut as a sculptor but I would like to say this to people who support me and my future fans: First of all, thank you for loving my work. Thanks to friends and fans who support me, and also my teachers, I got a big chance to show my power today. I am such honored to be here as a new sculptor so I will do my best and never fail to meet their expectations. Please wish me good luck! And thank you again for your continuous support!