• Name: YUTA FUKE
  • Age: 34
  • Country: JAPAN

Yuta Fuke first fell in love with sculpting as a kid from being a fan of building plastic models. His chosen character this competition holds a special place in his heart as a fan of One Piece – and that unique attachment might be what puts his work ahead of his competitors during this year’s event.



How do you feel about participating in the BANPRESTO WORLD FIGURE COLOSSEUM 2018?

It is a honor to participate in this year's Banpresto World Figure Colosseum. I believe that work reflects the sculptor’s feelings. So I would like to try to enjoy sculpting as much as I can and hopefully, my work will show you my excitement. I always try to express myself differently so I will make Don Krieg different from the usual one this time, too. I would like to have fun in the “One Piece World,” which has endless possibilities.

Of all the art forms, why did you pick sculpting or become a sculptor?

When I was a middle school student, I started liking Gundam plastic models because of a models magazine. I gradually found the job “model sculptor” which lets me create favorite characters from scratch. I saw many attractive character figures and I looked up to someone who is also a sculptor. Little by little, my feelings changed to being serious about it, and I aspired to becoming a sculptor.

How do you feel about the franchise for which you selected?

The reason I came to like One Piece was my older brother. In the past, he watched it and I joined him. The scene we watched was “Luffy vs Don Krieg”. I chose Don Krieg for BWFC so I think it all started from that time. I still remember the horror I felt for Luffy when I watched it for the first time because he never gives up and keep fighting even though he was under attack. After I became a sculptor, I worked for One Piece for many years and I think I made their characters the most. My work in sculpting One Piece characters made my skill and ideas improve through trial and error. I get a lot of memories when I look back on my past work.

Tell us the reason why you chose the character you did. (And why did you pose it that way?)

Don Krieg is the first Boss Character from when I first watched One Piece, so he is special to me. Also, I thought he would match with my ideas better than the other characters at this time, so I chose him. Don Krieg lost the fight with Luffy but he never loses in terms of not giving up. He is such an unreasonable boss though… The BWFC was a good chance for me to make Don Krieg!

What makes your style of sculpting unique?

I thought it would be interesting if I added some essences of cartoons to One Piece because the atmosphere of those are similar. I am trying to make it with exaggerated expression for the limbs and weapons, his comical facial expression, and the powerfulness which looks as if it is going to pop out. I hope you will like it.

If you were a One Piece character who would you be? And why?

Long time ago I answered Usopp, but there is something that doesn’t feel right about that now. Recently, I feel like I don’t have much energy and I am weak so I would say Kaya at this time… Older man version… I want to gain muscle to continue to work hard.

How do you feel about the other contestants?

Japanese sculptors are talented members and they are invincible so I am just scared, but also excited about their sculpting! I saw the other foreign sculptor’s usual work and I am also scared but excited too.

Is there anything you like to say to your fans?

I always have different styles so I don’t know if I have a style of work which can get fans. I would be happy if you enjoy my work, especially my approach to Don Krieg. Thank you for your support!